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The Smart Locker OS
#1 Smart Locker Solution – Most adaptable & advanced technology

Store & Charge

Store your things and enjoy the day worry-free.
Running out of battery? No problem, there’s chargers inside. Awesome, right?

Exchange items

Need to drop an airbnb key? Use one of our lockers - we automate the process.
Leave an item, give us the receiver phone number and we will tell him how to pick it up.

Parcel & Pick-up

Automate your buy online, pick-up in store process. Place a customized locker, and let customers pick-up the items they bought online.
Need a parcel locker? We are carrier neutral!

One size does not fit all.

Zip it, and free up your pocket


Free up your pockets.
50cm x 10cm


For larger items.
50cm x 42cm


Lighter and safer.
50cm x 85cm


The right size for you.
Let's talk?

Ready to deploy.

Meet our Smart Locker – state of the art, designed by our team and ready to be deployed.

Highly customizable, it has four different door sizes, that can be re-arranged in multiple combinations.
Easy to install and maintain, it has a scalable and highly modular architecture – allowing to quickly deploy or remove doors.
Tested in the toughest conditions, it is also ready to be deployed outdoor.

If you’re looking for a fully autonomous Smart Locker, without complications look no further.

User interface that makes sense.

Our locker operating system is user-friendly and easy to operate.

Navigate through our personalizable menu to drop, collect, or to store your items.

Easily adaptable and customizable.

Quick to use and compliant with couriers and logistics companies’ needs!

You’re in control.

Our Back-office gives you centralized cloud control over your smart lockers.

  • Easily change settings such as prices, availability, discounts and campaigns.
  • Data is power – check logs, users, notifications, KPI’s and even marketing campaigns.
  • Check and control your lockers in real-time.

Want to check it yourself? Schedule a demo with our team.

The Smart Locker API.

Integrate our services in your own app, website, platform or ERP system.

Our public API allows you to easily do it, we will help you along the way. ?

A truly adaptable solution, to suit all your needs.

The most advanced hardware for smart lockers.

The IoT components inside our lockers were designed by our talented team from scratch.

A full solution that has been tested in the most challenging circumstances.

Looking for the most reliable hardware for your system? Let us know.


Creating the best user experience.

The key to our lockers.

  • Find lockers around you
  • Open doors remotely
  • Set your own authentication
  • Share ownership of your door
  • Cashless payments & billing
  • Check usage history and much more!

Available for iOS & Android.

Your Locker

Take advantage of our breaking edge software – install the OS in your smart lockers, cut development costs and make your locker smarter.

  • Plug-and-play technology
  • Detailed data collection
  • Full payment & billing system
  • Integration with logistic carriers
  • Intercom customer support
  • Compatible with most smart lockers.

Want to know more about the first smart locker operating system?

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Parcel Network

Save costs on deliveries, by reducing the last-mile delivery cost.
Parcel delivery lockers create convenience for customers and bring economical benefit for logistic carriers.
They also cut CO2 emissions on deliveries – making it a more eco-friendly choice.

If you’re looking for a technological partner to develop a parcel locker network, or intend to have a parcel locker in your facilities – Let’s talk!

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Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) is a winning trend in retail.
Automate this process by using our solution.

  • Minimize last-mile delivery costs
  • Allow workers to dedicate their time to more productive work
  • Save up to 45 work hours per week
  • 61% of customers will end up buying additional items

Our solution is ready to be integrated into your IT infrastructure. Upgrade your business.

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A perfect solution for offices and co-working spaces.

Make your office or co-work space smarter. Our all-in-one solution allows you to:

  • Receive parcels & food deliveries
  • Exchange of items between workers
  • Store items

Ready to be integrated with company cards or other authentication methods.

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Monetize one of your clients oldest problems – the check-in/out luggage!
With our solution, you can earn with the safekeeping of their luggage.

Our lockers are fully autonomous – they allow guests to store their items, and allow you to get paid for it!
Start earning. ?

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Mobility centers

Our lockers are perfect to be placed in mobility centers – such as:

  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Metro stations
  • Bus stations

Looking to place one in one of these spots – let us know.

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Don't overthink it. Read More is a tech startup, based in Portugal, full of young, innovative and ambitious creators.
Our journey started when we tried to place smart lockers in Portuguese beaches – we quickly realized no one could fit our vision and needs. So we created our own system.
Step-forward, and we’re now giving others the opportunity we didn’t have initially – by distributing a smart locker solution that makes sense.
Bringing the smart locker industry to the 21st century.

The OS is the first smart locker operating system. It’s the result of our need to develop a relevant software solution for our smart lockers, that uses present-day technology.
Made by us to fit all the possible needs of a smart locker, it makes any “smart” locker, truly smart.

Easy to integrate with existing lockers – it offers a wide range of features: App control, data collection, cashless payments & billing systems, cloud access control, customer support, public API and a vast set of customizable settings. OS is compatible with most smart lockers on the market. If you’re looking to upgrade your current lockers or looking for a software solution let’s talk!

You can find our publicly available lockers using our mobile app,, available for both iOS and Android. It’s always updated. lockers have a lot of use cases: Parcel delivery, item storage, trade and exchange of items, office lockers, among others. To benefit from this you:

  • Get our full solution: The locker, fully packed & ready to go.
  • Install our plug-and-play technology in your locker.
  • API, to integrate our software solution in your IT systems.
  • Parcel delivery: get parcels delivered through our integration with multiple logistic carriers.
  • Customized solutions – Let us hear about your plans we will find a solution. ?

Yes. We believe no one should have to go through the hazardous process of finding locker manufacturers and developing their own systems – therefore we have a full franchisee system ready and in-place.

  • Do you already own a smart locker? It probably can run OS.
  • If you already have systems in place, such as ERP software, you can integrate it with our API, so you can still use your system.
  • If you’re simply looking for a smart locker, that’s just about perfect. We provide the full package too.

Yes. The app works through our OS – therefore, your locker should be running on it.
Either by running directly or by having an integration with it through our public API.
If you need help integrating it with your outdated hardware – we can assist you too. 🙂

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